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The Association for the Advancement of Karate-do (AAK) has experienced three mass exoduses (?) since its inception.  The first splinter went on to form SK (Society of Karate).  The second migration, in 1986, resulted in the ASK (Association for Shotokan Karate).  Year 2000 saw, in KDA, the largest and most comprehensive migration, depleting AAK of more than 90% of the active black-belters.  The KDA (Karate Development Arts & Sports) currently serves as the de facto club for AAK members who have grown dissatisfied with AAK.

The primary purpose of this page is to serve as a meeting place for ex-AAK members.  Below is a partial list of ex-AAK members currently practicing with the KDA.  Stand up and be counted!  If you'd like to get back into karate-do and feel like you've come into the movie halfway through, please do contact us at info@kda.ph and we'll fill you in...

Gerry Africa
Gil Africa
Greg Africa
Chester Alvisse
Enrique Azarcon
Barry Barillo
Ryan Arbie Bueno
Kat Buot
Jess Canono
Alvin Carbonel
Richie Carbonel
Peter Cardona
John Coronel
Renier de Leon
Dr. Ivo Dualan
Atty. Eric Espiritu
Ericson Fermin
Eugene Gonzalez
Jet Gonzalez
Wally Gozum
Nesty Halili
Ian Jereos
David Lay
Bong Limjap
Catleya Luis
Chito Macapagal
Richelle Macapagal
Gretchen Malalad
Brandy Mariano
Mark Medrana
Therese Nable-Suva
Boboy Patricio
Daryl Perez
Henry Perez
Arnold Picar
Edward Ponce
Brix Pujalte
Atty. Mark Purisima
Ana Reyes
Maricar Rimando
Lea Rodriguez
Pedro Roldan
Mike Sanvictores
Aylwin Suva
Cherli Tugday
Cesar Unson
Ver Uy
Joel Valdes
Dr. Jan Villamayor
Dr. Martin Villarica
Alan Yap

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